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DJI Inspire 2 Wishlist
It’s been nearly a year since DJI released the Inspire 1. After being on the market for almost a year, it has completely lived up to its hype and more. There have been a few upgrades to it along the way, including the Zenmsue X5 series cameras and the Inspire Pro version. But all these upgrades are more or less still built on the same Inspire 1 design we know and trust.
There is quite a bit of praise behind the Inspire 1, but there are still important features that could be added. Here is our list of features and modifications we would like to see in the DJI Inspire 2.

DJI’s newest Inspire model, the Inspire 1 Pro. The Inspire 1 Pro has the upgraded X5 series camera.

1. True Dual Operator
The original Inspire broke ground by having a RTF (ready to fly) platform that effortlessly provided dual operator. There was no need for complicated video transmitting and receiving installations or monitor problems. Dual operator was at your fingertips, built right into the DJI Go App.
But what it lacked was a “true” dual operator setup. For dual operator to be entirely effective, it requires two cameras. One for the filming camera, and a FPV camera for the pilot. Right now, Inspire pilots can usually get away with the single camera system by flying with confident line of sight, or wide open terrain and still allowing the camera operator full control. But any time that the flying gets a little hairy, then the single camera setup is almost pointless. It is pretty hard to fly though trees, around structures, or maintain good distance to your filming subject while your camera operator has full control.
It’s pretty certain that DJI left this critical feature out on purpose. It’s the same way Canon doesn’t make that one camera that does everything. They are creating a marketing strategy that has efficient longevity. We are fairly confident a FPV camera will be on the DJI Inspire 2 and can’t wait!
#1 on our Wishlist for the DJI Inspire 2 is a true dual operator setup.

Our friends over at Heliguy make an Inspire 1 FPV upgrade. It is very affordable and is independent of the original Inspire equipment. Works as a great add-on for operators wanting true dual operator.

2.Interchangeable Payloads
It’s hard to believe that DJI is going to allow third party cameras and accessories on the Inspire or Phantom series. But this would be an incredible capability. For our company, it would allow us to use a single platform for a multitude of applications. For filming, throw the X5 or X5R on. For industrial applications, we can throw a Flir and corresponding gimbal on the same drone. There are ways around this, adding third party gimbals and cameras on the battery bay with its own power system, but this is very less than ideal.
This idea probably doesn’t sit so well with DJI’s marketing team. Having proprietary cameras means users have to buy more drones and gear to provide more services. This does sit at #2 on the wishlist, but debatably is more important to us than having true dual operator. Hopefully in the future we can see an interchangeable system of some sort.

The Zenmuse X5 and X5R are the current proprietary cameras for the Inspire 1 Pro.

3. Trustworthy Batteries
It is easy to ask for more battery life, but until major shifts in tech occur, we are still limited by what battery technology can give us. That being the case, it would be very convenient to have more reliable batteries.
I know DJI’s Intelligent batteries have come a long way for RC enthusiasts. Especially in comparison to “dumb” batteries. All the headaches of charging and discharging precisely are almost taken care of for us. There was a certain amount of education you needed to have in order just to maintain and operate batteries. Intelligent batteries take care of nearly all of these headaches.
But what I would like to see for future DJI Inspire 2 batteries is more dependability. There are thousands of accounts of pilots having the all too common major drop in battery life. Example, flying around at 80% and instantly the battery drops to 3% and starts a landing sequence. Most of this is operator error, of course. The operator should have charged these to 100% right before flying instead of leaving them charged for two weeks. They also should have topped it off right before flying. But it would be nice to have a more trustworthy battery system for the DJI Inspire 2.
The hope for more dependable batteries might be outside the scope of what battery technology is even capable of, but makes for a good wish at #3 for our Inspire 2 Wishlist.

4.Collapsible Arms and Props
There is always one thing that the Phantom 3 will always have over the Inspire – Portability.
The Phantom is so easy to throw on a backpack, simply because of its size. The Inspire 1 does have travel mode and the propellers can be taken off, but still doesn’t decrease its planform by any significant margin. It would be nice to have collapsable arms and even foldable propellers so strapping it to a backpack, or even inside a backpack, is less of an undertaking.
Most of this wish is for airline travel. I really dislike checking my multirotors, even if they are in a hard sided case. I worked for an airline while going to college and know exactly how disrespected checked bags are. It would be extremely nice to collapse the Inspire 2 down enough to where I can fit it in a carry on. Is this pretty wishful thinking? – Yes. But a guy can dream, can’t he? ;).
Right now the Freefly Alta is my favorite folding multirotor. It can be set up in as little as 5 minutes but breaks down to a surprisingly small size.

The Freefly Alta folded down to 33% of its flying diameter. Photo courtesy of Quadrocopter.

5. More Camera Options
While in the air, it would be nice to switch between camera presets instantly. Just a few presets to switch between video resolutions and frame rates on the spot would be a huge advantage. Or between photo settings that you know and trust. It’s not particularly hard to switch settings, but there is precious time in the air, and any reason for me to be more efficient is always appreciated.
There NEEDS to be an option to take pictures while shooting video. This is one of the rare pros that GoPro users have. If you could video with a picture taken every 5 seconds or so, even operate a manual shutter while filming, that would be key. There is the always the option to take screen grabs, especially if you’re shooting in 4K. But this is less ideal and not nearly the same product.

Screenshot of the DJI Go App. Changing settings is fairly easy with a touch screen, but would be much more convenient to have a list of presets right above the Menu button.

DJI Inspire 2 Conclusion
A lot of these aren’t entirely possibly, at least in a single upgrade. However, with the announcement of Lightbridge 2 and its dual video transmitting abilities, true dual operator is almost a guarantee in the DJI Inspire 2.
Anything else you want in the new DJI Inspire 2? Let us know in the comments!

Equipment: Inspire1 X3 \ Ronin
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DJI Inspire 2 Wishlist
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不要喷我 我拿谷歌翻译的。

近一年来它一直以来DJI公布的启发1.作为市场上将近一年后,它已经完全没有辜负它的炒作等等。已经有一些升级,它一路走来,包括Zenmuse X5系列相机和启发Pro版。但是,所有这些升级都多多少少还是建立在我们知道同样的启发1的设计和信任。

我们的朋友准备在Heliguy做出启发1 FPV升级。这是非常实惠的,是独立于原始启发设备。作品作为一个伟大的附加为希望真正的双运营商的运营商。



总有一件事,幻影3将始终在启发 - 便携性。
大多数这个愿望的是航空旅行。我真的不喜欢检查我的多轴飞行器,即使他们是在硬片面的情况。我曾为一家航空公司,而要上大学,知道托运行李究竟是如何不被尊重的。这将是非常不错的折叠启发2上下足的地方,我可以在进适合它。这是漂亮的一厢情愿? - 是的。但是,一个家伙这样梦想,不是吗? )。


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